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Welcome to SitePlan, a quick, easy-to-use, cost effective software tool for producing compliant Site Resource Management Plans (SRMPs) with many unique features.

It's never been easier!

Dashboard Friendly

The ‘dashboard’ down the left hand side of the screen guides you through each ‘section’ of the Plan and the items ‘turn green’ when a section is completed.
Select ‘Waste Report only’ (for a SWMP), or ‘Waste, Water and Carbon report’ (for a SRMP including Site Impacts for BREEAM and a site carbon footprint calculation)

Data Manipulation

  • It uses ‘Autofill’ techniques to populate common data fields where possible
  • It prompts the user with suggestions where possible (e.g. Resource Minimisation statements)
  • It provides predictions for Forecast data, where possible
  • BREEAM Wst credits achievable are calculated automatically for BREEAM projects
  • It satisfies Training and Communications requirements with downloadable documents and site signage
  • Actual Waste (waste arisings) data entry is automated where possible and ‘constant’ data carried through to subsequent screens to reduce data entry time
  • Actual waste can be allocated to ‘Work Packages’, i.e. ‘Groundworks and Excavation’
  • The Waste Type and Container types are selected from dropdown boxes
  • Estimated weight values are generated where possible if you don’t have the actual data
  • At the Review stage Budget and Actual cost information can be added for cost savings analysis

Printable reports throughout

The Plan can be printed to a pdf file to provide a hardcopy for site, or the pdf can be emailed, e.g. to your BREEAM Assessor
Select ‘Waste Report only’ (for a SWMP), or ‘Waste, Water and Carbon report’ (for a SRMP including Site Impacts for BREEAM and a site carbon footprint calculation).

Compliance Extras

It incorporates its own Waste Contractor and Waste Site database, including copies of Waste Carrier Licences, Waste Management Licences and Exemptions. This satisfies your Duty of Care responsibilities under the relevant legislation.
The Waste Contractor database also holds recycling rate information for each ‘Recycler’, which is used to calculate recycling rates achieved for Actual Waste Arisings (for BREEAM credits) and also Waste Diverted from Landfill.

SitePlan was designed in by Lara Ayris, MD of WPS Compliance Consulting Ltd.
Within Lara's time of working within the construction industry she has won many accolades for her work and founded SitePlan in 2011. Lara created the software originally as a Waste Management tool, but its continued enhancement now means it is a comprehensive environmental Site Impacts Management tool. SitePlan was originally designed to be a 'time saver' for Lara's own team of consultants, therefore it is extremely user friendly, and employs many 'short cuts' and data efficiency 'aids'.

What our customers say

We have been using SitePlan for some time for our Site Waste Management Plans. We recently took a decision to implement an Office Waste Management Plan whereby we monitor office generated waste and review on an annual basis. SitePlan is proving to be invaluable in assisting both our forecasting and monitoring/review process because it is user-friendly, easily retrievable and straightforward. It is envisaged that as with the use of SitePlan for our Site Waste Management, commercial savings and benefits may also be realised for our office establishment.
Darren Wallace, Director Watson and Cox Construction Ltd
We are currently using SitePlan to manage the SWMPs for 7 projects. For us it provides the ideal solution for producing Site Waste Management Plans. It is so easy to use we can do the work in-house very cost effectively. We like that it is online and Plans can be accessed from anywhere or we can produce a pdf report and email it to whoever we need to, e.g. a CODE Assessor or a Planning Department. It also ensures that our Duty Of Care responsibilities are satisfied.
Gary Dingwall, Clarke Projects Ltd
We needed to prepare a SWMP for a client very quickly and found SitePlan extremely quick and easy to use. The learning curve was negligible and we were very impressed with the support and found the whole process very painless and cost effective.
Sam Holloway, RFS Consultancy Ltd
I have used SitePlan since its inception and find it to be the easiest, most intuitive and user friendly Waste Monitoring tool currently available.
Tom Griffiths
SitePlan was initially used on our first BREEAM project very successfully, so it is now being used again on our second. We are impressed that the Resource Management Plan that it produces automatically provides all the information needed by the BREEAM Assessor to allocate the relevant ‘Wst’ and ‘Man’ credits.
Stuart Kale, (Project Manager) Total Projects