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Welcome to SitePlan (which includes all the functionality of WastePlan and a lot more)

Over the next few months SitePlan will be developed into a more global Site Management tool, culminating in the calculation of the site’s carbon footprint.
WastePlan was designed in 2011 by Lara Ayris (www.lara.ayris.co.uk), MD of Waste Plan Solutions Ltd and Outstanding Woman in Construction 2012. WastePlan is a Waste Management tool, but has specific adaptions for the Construction Industry and the number of users / sites has been growing every day since then. It helps any company with their Duty of Care legal requirements and the setting of objectives to drive down waste and minimise waste costs.


"We have been using Wasteplan for some time for our Site Waste Management Plans. We recently took a decision to implement an Office Waste Management Plan whereby we monitor office generated waste and review on an annual basis. Wasteplan is proving to be invaluable in assisting both our forecasting and monitoring/review process because it is user-friendly, easily retrievable and straightforward. It is envisaged that as with the use of Wasteplan for our Site Waste Management, commercial savings and benefits may also be realised for our office establishment."
Darren Wallace, Director Watson and Cox Construction Ltd

"We are currently using WastePlan to manage the SWMPs for 7 projects. For us it provides the ideal solution for producing Site Waste Management Plans. It is so easy to use we can do the work in-house very cost effectively. We like that it is online and Plans can be accessed from anywhere or we can produce a pdf report and email it to whoever we need to, e.g. a CODE Assessor or a Planning Department. It also ensures that our Duty Of Care responsibilities are satisfied."
Gary Dingwall, Clarke Projects Ltd

"We needed to prepare a SWMP for a client very quickly and found WastePlan extremely quick and easy to use. The learning curve was negligible and we were very impressed with the support and found the whole process very painless and cost effective."
Sam Holloway, RFS Consultancy Ltd

"I have used WastePlan since its inception and find it to be the easiest, most intuitive and user friendly Waste Monitoring tool currently available."
Tom Griffiths